All of our rentals have clean sheets for every bed, sofa bed, bathroom, hand towels, face towels, and kitchen linens.

All of our rentals have high-speed Wi-Fi free to each guest. Yes, you can conduct a Zoom call with them.

Parking is onsite and it’s free. You will receive detailed instruction about parking before you arrive for your stay.

50% of the reservation is due upfront in order to reserve your dates with the remaining balance due 30 days prior to your arrival. An itemized invoice will be sent to you via email.

Within 5 business days of departure, the Security Deposit is fully refundable upon return of the home without damage, theft, unauthorized guests, pets, or claims. Deposits are refunded to the original payment source used and may take 5-7 days to post after processing.

We accept Master Card, Visa processed through Stripe for direct bookings from individuals.

We do not, as a rule, hold dates. Our rental agreements can be accepted electronically or via scan/email, we take online bookings, and we accept major credit cards to make the process easy.

We encourage those who may have to cancel their reservation to purchase Trip Insurance.

No. We must ensure that each guest has the best vacation rental experience. That means we are responsible for cleaning. It’s vacation, please don’t wreck the place but let someone else clean the place!

No means no. No pets. Our next guests expect it. Pets are not allowed at our properties for their own safety with our open multi-story decks.

All properties offered by Super Stays are strictly non-smoking. Smoking (including e-cigs) is never allowed in units, or on outdoor patios. Smoking in a unit is cause for an additional charge.

All our properties are equipped with security cameras. For guest safety and property protection, cameras are facing the parking area and unit entrances. Do not tamper with or disable cameras. Our guest’s privacy is paramount, unit interior spaces are without cameras and private.

Yes you do have to pay sales and occupancy taxes. Our rentals are operating legally and we pay all of our occupancy, business taxes, and licenses. These taxes help to keep the areas you visit as nice. We follow City and State guidelines and restrictions including inspections and permitting for each unit. Guests staying greater than 30 days are exempt from Transient Room Tax. Super Stays specializes in short-term rentals and is happy to comply with such regulations to ensure the safety of our guests.

This is your time off, your chance to hideaway so we will not be welcoming you in person. As guests you have full unit access, a lockbox or keypad code is provided for your arrival. Keypads are supplied for your convenience allowing you to come and go as you like. Detailed check-in instructions are delivered via email after the final payment has been received (generally 1 week prior to arrival).

Check-in is any time between 4 PM and 6 PM. Please do not arrive early at your vacation rental. Our cleaners need time to prepare your unit for your stay. Check-out is at 11 AM sharp. Our cleaners are on a tight schedule and will be arriving promptly at your scheduled checkout time.

It is definitely possible. During the height of the season, likely no. With many back-to-back reservations require a tight schedule from our cleaners. At other times we may be able to arrange something ahead of time. Please reach out early so we can help accommodate you.

Our prices are firm and fair. We will occasionally offer last-minute specials.

That depends on the unit, the season, and the circumstances. It never hurts to ask!

No. Super Stays has a strict NO EVENTS policy. Parties or commercial endeavors are very restricted. Please respect properties as they are not set up for the impact such events would bring. Location filming, photography, or other media for commercial use is only allowed by written permission.

That depends on the unit and your needs. Please inquire. We’ll try to put you in a unit that best suits your needs.

Every reservation at The Swepson Guesthouse requires the acceptance of our rental agreement, house rules; along with identification verification (copy of ID). This seamless process is available using our guest Pre-Check weblink provided.

Shelby Park is a neighborhood two miles southeast of downtown Louisville, Kentucky USA named after Kentucky’s first governor, Isaac Shelby. Shelby Park has always been considered a working-class neighborhood. It was first populated by German immigrants in the early 1900s. By the 1950s, the neighborhood was majority African American. Today, Shelby Park is a blend of ethnic and economic diversity. People from all walks of life co-exist in a vibrant, art-filled community. The Shelby Park neighborhood is known for its 17-acre park by the same name. Shelby Park was designed by the Olmsted Firm in 1907 and is the only Olmsted park in Louisville with a Carnegie library designed by Arthur Loomis. A gothic revival church at Oak and S. Shelby Streets constructed around 1886 is another architectural and historical landmark. Most of the residential homes in Shelby Park were constructed around 1900 to 1910 and are shotgun-style cottages and camelbacks, with some two-story brick federal-style buildings in the mix, too. Shelby Park is home to Logan Street Market, Louisville’s first and only year-round indoor market with food vendors, artisans, a coffee bar, a brewery, and Farmer’s Market located at Logan and Oak Streets in Shelby Park that opened its doors in October 2019. Shelby Park is bounded by the CSX rail tracks, Kentucky Street, and I-65 and borders Germantown, Smoketown, and Old Louisville. As of 2000, the population of Shelby Park was 3,204. Located on the edge of Germantown, The Swepson Guesthouse is close to anything you would need! Restaurant row, the Highlands, Downtown, UofL Campus, Old Louisville, and NULU. It’s the perfect distance to bars, breweries and distilleries, restaurants, and Logan Street Market.

The history of Louisville, Kentucky spans a bit over two centuries since the latter part of the 18th century. Prior to the arrival of Europeans, the region was depopulated from the Beaver Wars of the 17th century, and no permanent Native American settlements existed in the area. It was used as hunting grounds by northern Shawnee and southern Cherokee. The area’s geography and location on the Ohio River attracted people from the earliest times. The city is located at the Falls of the Ohio River, then a part of Kentucky County, Virginia. The rapids created a barrier to river travel, and settlements grew up at this portage point. The earliest European settlements were during the latter stages of the American Revolutionary War by Virginian soldiers under George Rogers Clark, first at Corn Island in 1778, then Fort-on-Shore and Fort Nelson on the mainland. The town was chartered in 1780 and named Louisville in honor of King Louis XVI of France. That year it received an influx of 301 settlers. In 2003, the city of Louisville merged with Jefferson County to become Louisville-Jefferson Metro. As of the 2010 census, it is the largest city in the state of Kentucky, the second largest on the Ohio River, and the 29th largest city in the nation. Notable residents of the city have included inventor Thomas Edison, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, boxing legend Muhammad Ali, newscaster Diane Sawyer, actors Victor Mature, Ned Beatty and Tom Cruise, actresses Sean Young and Jennifer Lawrence, singer Nicole Scherzinger, R&B singer Bryson Tiller, rapper Jack Harlow, the Speed family (including U.S. Attorney General James Speed and Abraham Lincoln’s close friend Joshua Fry Speed), the Bingham family, industrialist/politician James Guthrie, U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and contemporary writers Hunter S. Thompson and Sue Grafton. Notable events occurring in the city include the largest exhibition installation to date (in 1883) and first large space lit by Edison’s light bulb, and the first library in the South made accessible to African Americans. Medical advances included the 1999 first human hand transplant in the United States and the first self-contained artificial heart transplant in 2001. The history of Louisville, Kentucky spans hundreds of years, and has been influenced by the area’s unique geography and location.

The Swepson Guesthouse is over 120 years old. We took over the building in early 2021 and decided to expand the living spaces and offer it as a memorable short-term rental experience. During its development in 1909, the original building consisted of two stories. The building was first occupied by a Piggly Wiggly grocery store, then a dental office, and later the LH Harping Hardware Store. The Piggly Wiggly grocery store vacated the property by the mid-1940s, and a third floor was added sometime in the 1960s. In 1978 the property was taken over by Illinois Shade Kentucky, a blind and shade company. The building operated in a similar capacity through 2008 when the property underwent a gut conversion into professional office space for a technology company. Not only did it go through a gut conversion but there was an addition in the rear of patios and staircases, this was to make space for a technology company. In 2016 the building was purchased again and the first floor was made into office spaces, and the second and third floors became residential apartment living. On May 17th, 2021 the building was then purchased by the current owner to use as a short-term rental property. The building is constructed over a basement foundation, with a total of approximately 10,134 square feet of floor space.

Not really, we are a short-term rental, think of us as somewhere between a boutique hotel and a bed and breakfast. The main difference between us and a bed and breakfast is we don’t offer a menu of food.

Located just three miles away from Churchill Downs, The Swepson Guesthouse is a quick and easy Uber/Lift ride away from the race track that’s home to the Kentucky Derby. Parking can be a bear, we recommend snagging an Uber/Lift ride for the short trip to the track back and forth each day.

We don’t recommend it, but beds are beds! The Swepson Guesthouse is best utilized by mid to full-size humans. We specialize in vacation rentals for groups traveling to Louisville, KY. We have specially tailored our spaces for maximum socializing between one another.

Yes reach out to us directly and we’ll personally connect you with our favorite operator.

Lets start with The Swepson Guesthouse one of the cool places to stay in Louisville, KY. Its actually way cooler than a house, it’s an old industrial building with a rich history dating back over 120 years.

Whether you’re planning to visit the Jim Beam distillery, the Maker’s Mark distillery or other distilleries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail using your own car or one of our great local tour operators, The Swepson Guesthouse is an excellent central launching point. Make sure to ask us about our private tastings of local bourbon whiskey. We know some great owners in the industry.

Located on the edge of Germantown, The Swepson Guesthouse is close to anything you would need! Restaurant row, the Highlands, Downtown, UofL Campus, Old Louisville, and NULU. It’s the perfect distance to bars, breweries and distilleries, restaurants, and Logan Street Market. The Swepson Guesthouse building is located at 1236 S Shelby St in fashionable Shelby Park, a neighborhood two miles southeast of downtown Louisville, Kentucky. Next time you’re exploring Louisville, whether you’re a local or a visitor, swing by Shelby Park. From sweets and treats at Scarlet’s Bakery to public art pieces on practically every corner (it’s a small hood, for now) there’s something for everyone. Less than two miles southeast of downtown Louisville is Shelby Park, a culturally rich and vibrant art-filled community.

You have come to the right place for large group lodging in Louisville. The Swepson Guesthouse is just what you are looking for, we can sleep up to 42 people, in 15 bedrooms, and we have 10 full bathrooms. So if you are looking for the perfect family reunion rental, look no further!

Look no further! The Swepson Guesthouse is one of a kind steeped in rich Louisville History and located centrally to all of Louisville’s best attractions.

We have a very special personal friend that owns an award-winning super-premium whiskey company in Louisville. He has offered and loves doing private tastings with his limited-release whiskeys. In the tastings, he will take you through past, present, and future bottles of his barrel-proof whiskey. Contact us directly for pricing and more information if you are interested.

The water in Kentucky is hard — meaning, it has a high pH and a high proportion of minerals, including calcium and magnesium. These elements are optimal for distilling. The yeast in bourbon adores those minerals. They aid the fermentation process and create the distinctive, crisp Kentucky bourbon we know and love. Even though bourbon can be made anywhere in the United States, over 95% of it is made in Kentucky. Bourbon’s birth and heritage reside in Kentucky, but you may be asking yourself why. Ninety-five percent of the world’s bourbon is produced in Kentucky, and if you’re wondering if there’s something in the water, there is.

Louisville, Kentucky is a city that’s famously known for a drink: bourbon. Sure, it’s technically Kentucky that invented bourbon, but Louisville has embraced it, built upon it, and created a drinking scene honoring it. We even coined the term “Bourbonism to describe bourbon-focused tourism. Louisville’s Distilleries:

  • Angel’s Envy
  • Brough Brothers
  • Copper & Kings
  • Evan Williams Bourbon Experience
  • Kentucky Artisan
  • Kentucky Peerless
  • Michter’s
  • Old Forester
  • Prohibition Craft Spirits
  • Rabbit Hole
  • Stitzel-Weller Experience

Since 1885, the Mellwood Tavern is the longest continually operated tavern in Louisville, as it dates back to 1885 and even served as a speakeasy during Prohibition. It was originally known as The Rendezvous Inn, and later The Mellwood Inn, and then became The Rush Inn until finally becoming The Mellwood Tavern in 2016.

Bourbon. Louisville, Kentucky is a city that’s famously known for a drink: bourbon. Sure, it’s technically Kentucky that invented Bourbon, but Louisville has embraced it, built upon it, and created a drinking scene honoring it. Louisville has even coined the term “Bourbonism” to describe tourism focused on bourbon. You may have heard that in order to be a bourbon, the whiskey has to be from Kentucky. That’s not quite true—bourbon can be made outside that state. But to be designated a “Kentucky bourbon,” the spirit has to be both distilled and aged in Kentucky. Bourbon is an American-made whiskey that must contain at least 51 percent corn in its mash and be aged in new, charred oak barrels. Whiskey can be made anywhere in the world, though there are additional differences depending on production and aging processes. Bourbon tends to have sweeter, more mellow characteristics, with vanilla, oak, caramel, grain, nutmeg, and cinnamon notes. Scotch has a sharp, distinct flavor that’s more of an acquired taste than bourbon. You’ll find that blended Scotch is smoother and maltier with a spicy finish.

There’s no shortage of things to do after dinner in Louisville, especially with the city’s famous block-long stretch called Whiskey Row and its lively theater district. The bourbon industry pulsates at the heart of downtown with cool bars and speakeasies harking back to the Roaring Twenties.

Louisville is a seasonal city for having the best experience. Spring and summer in Louisville will have the most things to do to fill your bachelor party itinerary. You can enjoy a laidback city during the day and always find some fun parties at night. Louisville is known by many names, “Gateway to the South,” “River City” and “Derby City”, is home to Muhammad Ali, the horse racing of the Kentucky Derby, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, historic Whiskey Row, and is the ultimate bachelor party destination. Louisville isn’t the most talked-about bachelor party destination, but it’s one to reconsider after discovering all the local bachelor party ideas awaiting you. Louisville is one of Kentucky’s most beloved cities where you’ll find some of the best nightlife, dining, and entertainment in the state. Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky, so you can bet that there are plenty of things to do to keep busy during the day. Dive into the Louisville culture by exploring the local culture through drinks, sports, and experiences. You can spend your bachelor party getting to know one of America’s favorite cities. Louisville is a favorite city for locals and tourists, especially the nightlife. You deserve a fun night or two for your bachelor party, and you’re sure to have lots of bachelor party ideas here. There are lots to look forward to when you venture into the Louisville nightlife scene to find the best bars, clubs, and strip clubs. Host your bachelor party in Louisville to experience a fun time like never before. Louisville has you covered, whether you’re looking for a high-energy party with beautiful women, sipping bourbon while enjoying live music, or a cruise alongside the city skyline. Louisville is known by many names, “Gateway to the South,” “River City” and “Derby City”, is home to Muhammad Ali, the horse racing of the Kentucky Derby, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, historic Whiskey Row, and the ultimate bachelor party destination.

A trip to Churchill Downs on Kentucky Derby weekend can be an unforgettable experience! We want you to have the best possible experience at our event, so we can provide you with some helpful suggestions for your first trip to the Kentucky Derby! A general admission pass to the 2022 Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Ky., costs between $65 and $85, depending on when you buy tickets. This year’s tickets went on sale on Nov. 19, 2021. General Admission tickets to the Kentucky Derby and Oaks include an Oaks/Derby program and access to the infield, where you can bring your own chair or picnic blanket and watch the races from the world’s largest 4K video board. With more than 150,000 people packing the stands each year, attending the Kentucky Derby means you’re guaranteed to see some questionable fashion choices, spot a few celebrities, drink a refreshing Mint Julep (or three), and watch very small jockeys in brightly colored silks ride sleek, shiny, fast horses. For the 2022 Kentucky Derby and Oaks, all reserved seating (Clubhouse boxes, Grandstand boxes, and Infield bleachers) will include food, non-alcoholic beverages, and alcoholic beverages. Jackets and blazers are optional, vests, shirts with collars, sweaters, dresses, pantsuits, dress jeans, dress shorts, and slacks are appropriate. Cargo shorts, t-shirts, halter tops, athletic wear, frayed or torn denim or shorts, and tennis shoes are not permitted in these areas. But keep in mind, there’s no rule that says you have to wear a dress, though most women do. For first-time visitors at the Kentucky Derby, we recommend bringing the following things with you on race day: For ladies wearing heals, a pair of flats or flip flops in your purse. A striking hat to match the tradition. Cash for food, drinks, and wagering. The Kentucky Derby can simply be a big party or it can be about the horses. For many guests, the attraction is some of the world’s best people-watching, between the many celebrities and the outrageous fashion statements. It is frenetic but not too frenetic – with the exception of the infield, it gets crowded but is always manageable. The Kentucky Derby is a long day, with a lot of walking, so pack accessories accordingly. We recommend a large bag (but be sure to stay within the size limit) to carry a pair of shoes, a bottle of water, your program, sunglasses, sunscreen, a poncho, and anything else you might need during the day.

Looking to have your last fling before the ring? Louisville offers the perfect atmosphere for a bachelorette party! Come join us at The Swepson Guesthouse before and after partying it up on your last night as a free woman. Let us do all the work and plan your perfect nights for you and your friends so you can focus on the most important part, having fun. You and all your friends can sleep safely together in style with us! Typical bachelorette party activities often involve meals at nice restaurants, pampering trips to day spas, relaxation in the form of beaches, and pools, or easy hiking, and/or bar hopping and dancing. These bachelorette parties—once claimed to be a “last hoorah” and final night of “freedom” for the bride—serve as a way for the bride to connect and bond with the women in her bridal party, and give the opportunity for a well-deserved reprieve from the stresses of wedding planning. Think outside of the bachelorette party box. Find activities the bride-to-be loves that she doesn’t typically get to partake in with her besties! Going to a sporting event, hiking and glamping, or a creative activity that could be decor at the wedding is just the start of possibilities! Or how can you help create the perfect night out that is an elevated version of every other Saturday night? We challenge you to make this an unforgettable experience for the bride filled with things she actually wants to do. 75% of bachelorette parties last two or more days, and the average length is three days. Typically, the bachelorette party is reserved for your bridesmaids and maybe a few of your closest friends and female family members. A bachelorette party (United States and Canada) or hen night (UK, Ireland and Australia) is a party held for a woman (the bride or bride-to-be) who will soon be married. Despite its reputation as “a sodden farewell to maiden days” or “an evening of debauchery”, these events can simply be parties given in honor of the bride-to-be, in the style that is common to that social circle.