About Us

The Swepson Guesthouse is perfect for group stays in Louisville. The Swepson Guesthouse is over 120 years old. We took over the building in early 2021 and decided to expand the living spaces and offer it as a memorable short term rental experience.

During its development in 1909, the original building consisted of two stories. The building was first occupied by a Piggly Wiggly grocery store, then a dental office, and later the LH Harping Hardware Store. The Piggly Wiggly grocery store vacated the property by the mid-1940’s, and a third floor was added sometime in the 1960’s . In 1978 the property was taken over by Illinois Shade Kentucky, a blind and shade company. The building operated in a similar capacity through 2008, when the property underwent a gut conversion into professional office space for a technology company. Not only did it go through a gut conversion but there was an addition in the rear of patios and staircases, this was to make space for a technology company. In 2016 the building was purchased again and the first floor was made into office spaces, and the second and third floors became residential apartment living. On May 17th, 2021 the building was then purchased by the current owner to use as a short term rental property. The building is constructed over a basement foundation, with a total of approximately 10,134 square feet of floor space.

Group Stays in Louisville

If you’re interested in group stays In Louisville, Swepson Guesthouse is the perfect choice! Weddings, bachelor or bachelorette parties, bourbon tours, derby stays, church groups and any large group stays, we got you covered!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the accommodations at Swepson Guesthouse are equipped with a kitchen, allowing guests the convenience of preparing their meals during their stay.

Swepson Guesthouse may have a minimum night stay requirement, and guests are advised to check the booking details or contact the property directly for specific information regarding this policy.

Yes, there are grocery stores and supermarkets in close proximity to Swepson Guesthouse, providing convenient options for guests to purchase supplies during their stay.

Swepson Guesthouse does not offer shuttle services; however, guests can inquire with the property regarding recommendations for transportation or explore nearby public transit options for convenient access to attractions.

Yes, there are various outdoor recreational facilities and parks in the vicinity of Swepson Guesthouse, providing guests with opportunities to engage in outdoor activities and enjoy the natural surroundings during their stay.