Should you have your bachelorette party in Louisville, Kentucky?

Looking to have your last fling before the ring? Louisville offers the perfect atmosphere for a bachelorette party! Come join us at The Swepson Guesthouse before and after partying it up on your last night as a free woman. Let us do all the work and plan your perfect nights for you and your friends so you can focus on the most important part, having fun. You and all your friends can sleep safely together in style with us! Typical bachelorette party activities often involve meals at nice restaurants, pampering trips to day spas, relaxation in the form of beaches, and pools, or easy hiking, and/or bar hopping and dancing. These bachelorette parties—once claimed to be a “last hoorah” and final night of “freedom” for the bride—serve as a way for the bride to connect and bond with the women in her bridal party, and give the opportunity for a well-deserved reprieve from the stresses of wedding planning. Think outside of the bachelorette party box. Find activities the bride-to-be loves that she doesn’t typically get to partake in with her besties! Going to a sporting event, hiking and glamping, or a creative activity that could be decor at the wedding is just the start of possibilities! Or how can you help create the perfect night out that is an elevated version of every other Saturday night? We challenge you to make this an unforgettable experience for the bride filled with things she actually wants to do. 75% of bachelorette parties last two or more days, and the average length is three days. Typically, the bachelorette party is reserved for your bridesmaids and maybe a few of your closest friends and female family members. A bachelorette party (United States and Canada) or hen night (UK, Ireland and Australia) is a party held for a woman (the bride or bride-to-be) who will soon be married. Despite its reputation as “a sodden farewell to maiden days” or “an evening of debauchery”, these events can simply be parties given in honor of the bride-to-be, in the style that is common to that social circle.